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Who are we?

A team of enthusiastic and experienced programmers and designers passionate about financial technologies. We have years of experience building applications for banks and other financial institutions in the MENA [the Middle East and the Northern African] region and in India.

What do we do?

Founded Detente Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2014, with a mission to make this world a better place. We make lives easier for those who dream of making this world a better place through technology.

With the market of the rental payments in India floating around $20 billion, we are disrupting the current payment process. We are not in the process of re-inventing the wheel, however, we are bringing the wheel to the cashless ecosystem. Why Detente technologies you may ask? Well, if not us then who? for we are the first few players who are helping the world to move towards cashless economy.  Cashless systems, bringing paradigm shift across industries is the dawn of next level of transactions, going beyond paper and plastic payments.